I like to consider myself a “lifestyle” photographer.

I love capturing honest, raw moments, that portray my clients in a light that is true to their personalities. Getting to know and building relationships with everyone that I have the opportunity to work with is extremely important to me.

I have been extremely passionate about photography since I was a kid. My first foray into photography was due to growing up in a group of friends that spent all of our free time riding bikes and skateboarding. I wanted to create images like those in all of the magazines we read. As we all grew up and stopped partaking in “extreme sports”, I shifted my focus to portraiture. There were times where I wouldn’t touch my camera for weeks, months (or even years), but I always found myself wanting to make portraits.

I started out shooting in a friend’s spare room, to build my portfolio. I went on to shooting more on location sessions and ended up opening my own studio in Manchester, NH. Shortly after opening my studio, I took a part time job second shooting for a local wedding photographer. Minutes into my first wedding, I knew that it was what I truly wanted to do.

I treat every session with the utmost respect, as these are some of the most important moments of a person’s life, and documenting them should never be taken for granted.

Random stuff about me

  • I shoot strictly with Fujifilm camera systems

  • I collect vintage cameras (primarily Polaroid)

  • I drink way too much coffee

  • I watch a lot of horror movies

  • I love Taco Bell

  • I have a Vans addiction

  • I pay for my Netflix subscription so I can watch the Office & Stranger Things on repeat

Banner photo by Christian Napolitano