Our photographer cancelled on us the day before our post wedding reception party. A friend recommended Bryan and luckily he was able to shoot our event. I wish we knew Bryan before we booked our other photographer. He's personable, he was shooting the whole time he was at our event, and he captured everything we wanted and more, AND the photos are amazing. I absolutely love his style! We will always use Bryan for events and family photo sessions.”


We had such an awesome time taking our family photos with Bryan! We had some ideas but were unsure of how they would translate into photos. He was very welcoming to any ideas and brought them to life in such a great way. We couldn't be happier with how the photos came out and can't wait to do more shoots with Bryan in the future.”


Shooting with Bryan is fabulous. When I approached him about shooting in styles he didn't have a lot of experience with, he approached it with an open mind and willing spirit. He made the shoots comfortable and fun, took and gave suggestions well, and we got so many amazing images. This man is a true artist and professional.”


Bryan took amazing family pictures for us! This was the first time we had the chance to get family photos and we were a little nervous since our 6 month old and get fussy at times. Bryan was completely understanding and patient with our son. He took the most beautiful pictures of our baby and us! I couldn’t be happier! We had a great day and the pictures are perfect!”


This guy is unbelievable. His work is among the best I've ever seen and it's super dramatic and original. His range is insane, it seems like he can make everything look phenomenal no matter how weird the subject matter. Best of all he is so chill and non judgemental! I want to work with him all the time!”


Bryan is amazing! He was so patient and up to try any shot. The pictures came out amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better photographer to trust with these precious memories.”


Bryan was very easy to work with. We have two little ones and Bryan worked wonderfully with them. Our family photos came out amazing.”


Bryan is simply one awesome photographer! It doesn't matter if it's for a convention or a wedding, he knows the right look, angle, lighting, and perspective to get you the most professional and stunning photographs out of anyone I've worked with. He is friendly and personable, and able to take suggestions to heart, to get you looking your best! He has my full recommendation.”


Working with Bryan is an absolute delight. I've had a lot of bad experiences with photographers and working with Bryan is a breath of fresh air. He's a genuine professional who has a real eye for talent.”


Working with Bryan is always an absolute pleasure. His eye for framing up a shot is impeccable, as well as ensuring the subject is properly lit. I had some headshots done with a variety of different backdrops and lighting setups, and I already plan on booking with Bryan again in the future!”